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taking a break!

22 Nov

I will be taking a short break from this project during the EXTREMELY busy holiday season my family has coming up.

Happy Holidays!!

う: うーたん

18 Nov

What/Who in the world is うーたん? She is a character on the NHK show いないいないばあ, a popular program for toddlers. My daughter looooved (and still loves) watching this show. The show uses cute characters to teach basic things like colors, simple songs and dances, potty-training, etc.

Go here to read more about the show.

Here is a blog about Uutan. It has a lot of YouTube videos.

う: うし、うさぎ

17 Nov


Cow coloring pages here, here, and here.

Rabbit coloring pages here, here, and here.

う: うらしまたろう

16 Nov

When I was taking a drama class in college, we were all assigned to write a play made for children. I chose to do mine about うらしまたろう(浦島太郎)! Urashimataro is a Japanese folktale about a young boy who rescues a turtle and in return is invited to a palace under the sea. You can read/listen to the story in Japanese here.  I went on to teach second grade, and decided to actually direct the play I had written for our end-of-the-year production! We practiced and practiced and the show turned out to be adorable.

Anyway… just a long intro as to why I love Urashimataro! I think Japanese folk tales are awesome, even though they often have interesting endings (I guess similar to the original Grimm’s fairy tales).

Here is a YouTube video of Urashimataro byまんが日本昔ばなし:

Urashima Taro coloring page here.

Hiragana Spotlight: う

15 Nov

This week we might learn about:

Animals: うさぎ、うま、うに、うし、うなぎ

Story: 浦島太郎(うらしまたろう)

Other: うどん、運動,うち、うた、うきわ

Click here for even more words.

Coloring pages of unagi (eel), usagi (rabbit), uma (horse), etc here. (another option here).

うpractice sheet here. It’s an easy kana to write, even for my 2-year old!

If your toddler is just beginning to learn how to draw/write, here is a good practice sheet for learning how to trace.


12 Nov

Next Monday, November 15th, is しちごさん (shichi-go-san), a holiday in Japan that celebrates 7, 5, and 3-year olds. Children get dressed up and visit a shrine with their parents. You can read more about the holiday on Wikipedia or Kids Web Japan.

Neither of my kids are 3, 5, or 7, so I am not sure if I will do anything to celebrate the holiday. But if you want to do something, here is a coloring page, and a printable craft- a pencil holder.

い: ”い”から始まる歌

11 Nov

When I was a preschooler, I was enrolled in a ballet class. For one of my recitals, we performed a dance to the tune of ”いぬのおまわりさん”. I was the police officer dog, and the other girls in my class were the lost kittens. It is such a cute song!

Here is another song about dolphins and squid. Makes me laugh every time! ”イカイカイルカ”

Here’s another classic song, “Ito Maki Maki/いとまきまき”:


10 Nov

Random, but too funny not to share. Gotta love Japanese TV! 🙂

い: いろ

10 Nov

どんないろがすき?”What color do you like?” is one of my daughter’s favorite songs to sing, and it is a great one for teaching colors. The lyrics can be found here, and here is a video:

Another good video can be seen here.

Here are some printable flashcards for learning the colors, courtesy of 知育あそび&子育てわあるど, a great website full of activities for the preschooler. You could also use these fruit flashcards to teach colors. I also recommend watching this cute animated movie where cartoon crayons teach colors.

I’ve also found some cute printable coloring pages for you… good ones for teaching colors 🙂 You can find them here (a rainbow), here (another rainbow), and here (Hello Kitty).

Speaking of coloring… I just found the CUTEST website that has a bunch of free coloring pages for our little ones. The website is called 青色超人 … just go visit, you will love it!

 い: いちご

8 Nov

いちご大好き! しまじろうと一緒にいちごのことを習おう:

いちごのぬりえ、strawberry coloring pages here, here, and here!

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