Hiragana Spotlight: い

8 Nov

There are soooo many fun words that begin with い! This week we might learn about:

1) Animals: いぬ, いるか, いか, いのしし

2) Food: いちご, いくら

3) Colors = いろ

4) Songs/Activities: いとまきまき, どんないろがすき?, いないいないばあ

5) Other: いす, いなか、いとこ


Activities to print:

Printable, traceable い . I especially like this cute little squid (ika).

Coloring pages for words that begin with い .


One Response to “Hiragana Spotlight: い”

  1. Sayaka November 8, 2010 at 11:18 AM #

    Wow, your daughter’s really good at tracing!

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