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My Favorite Books

7 Jan

Still going with the ”え:えほん” theme, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Japanese children’s books. あさえとちいさいいもうと” is a book that I read over and over as a little girl. I think it really struck a chord with me since I am an older sister. It is about a young girl who tries to take care of her little sister while their mother runs an errand. It is available in English as “Anna in Charge“.  In fact, I love everything by this author(Yoriko Tsutsui) and illustrator(Akiko Hayashi).

I asked my parents to purchase these books for me last year when they traveled to Japan: すてきなひらがな (Sutekina Hiragana) by Gomi Taro, and あいうえおのえほん by Yokota Kiyoshi/illustrated by Imoto Yoko. I requested these because I want my children to begin familiarizing themselves with what hiragana looks like. They are also great for building up their vocabulary. Both Gomi Taro and Imoto Yoko have dozens of other wonderful books. Gomi Taro has many books published in English as well (In the U.S.A. he is published by Chronicle Books)!

What are some of your favorite Japanese children’s books?

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