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11 Jan

おかあさんといっしょ” is the “Sesame Street” of Japan. It is broadcast every morning on NHK and children have been watching the program for generations (including me!). Even as an adult, I learn something new every time I watch the show, and it is very entertaining. I really like the current hosts of the show, Takumi-oneechan and Daisuke-oniisan. They are adorable! If you subscribe to TV Japan in the United States, you can watch this show (it translates to “With Mother” in English). Here is a list of all the other children’s shows that come with a subscription.

If you’re like me and can’t afford a monthly subscription, you can do what I do and search YouTube for ”おかあさんといっしょ”, “いないいないばー” and other shows.

My daughter and I especially love the various dances/exercises, because they get us off the couch and moving! When she was really young, she loved “Gurugurudokkan(ぐるぐるどっかん)” but now we like more challenging dances like this one (ドンスカパンパンおうえんだん):

If you know some Japanese, the NHK “Kid’s World” website has some fun TV show-related online games and activities.

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