website: (だっこ)

13 Jan

I just wanted to highlight this website that I found recently, I think this is the company that puts out the popular Japanese baby/preschool magazines ベビーブックand めばえ. My favorite portion of this site is the ”おやこであそぼ” page, where there are activities like fingerplays, crafts, printable worksheets, exercises, etc that you can do with your children, all grouped by age. If you can’t read Japanese, this website might be a little bit hard to navigate.


Another fun portion of the website is the Game Corner (ゲームコーナー), my favorite being the なにかな、なにかな? game where children can learn the names of various food.

I am excited to browse this website some more to find activities for my baby and toddler!

What do you think? どうおもう?

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