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17 Jan

Origami is a fun activity for all ages. I love it because it is inexpensive, (usually)quick, and there’s a project to satisfy everyone from the beginner to experienced folders! According to Yuri and Katrin Shumakov, founders of,

“…Origami helps the development of children: creates conditions of intensive interaction of the brain’s hemispheres and effectively allows development of motor skills of both hands, intellectual and creative abilities.”

Cool beans. If you don’t have origami paper, you can buy some here or, just cut wrapping paper into perfect squares. (I don’t recommend using thick paper for most projects).

Here are some websites I recommend for getting started:


There’s step-by-step origami instructions grouped by category (I especially love the holiday ones), and it even tells you the difficulty level of all projects. (You can change the site to English mode).



This website has instructions as well as some crazy-difficult looking pieces of art made with origami.



This site teaches you how to make paper airplanes out of origami.

You could always make up your own projects too! Have fun!

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