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19 Jan

おはようございます、おじゃまします、いってきます、おつかれさまです。。。There seems to be an infinite number of greetings and polite phrases in Japanese ( I probably have a lot to learn in this area!).  I’m hoping to teach my children these “aisatsu” words as early as possible… and the best way they learn is by example, so I better study up on these words and how to use them correctly!

Here are some websites I found to be informative:

1) The Proper Use of Chopsticks at Shoo Town

2) Wikipedia article about Etiquette in Japan

3) English websites with Japanese Greetings at Yuki’s Page and Nihongo o Narau

4) Series of cartoons about Aisatsu at “Nikkori Aisatsu Ehon”


I also found a coloring page, ”げんきにごあいさつ” at ぬりえやさん.

We  have this book, ”こんなときってなんていう?”, which is an adorable board book about how to use greetings.

I really love how polite all the Japanese people I have met are. The rest of the world has a lot to learn from their culture!

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