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お:おおきい、ちいさい  (は:はんたいことば)

20 Jan

おおきい/ちいさい (big/small)、あつい/つめたい (hot/cold)、はやい/おそい (fast/slow)。。。I think learning these “Opposites (はんたいことば)” is a great way for children to increase their vocabulary.

My favorite songs for teaching toddlers the words “big” and “small” (おおきい、ちいさい)are 1)おおきなくりのきのしたで(Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree) and 2)おおきなたいこ (the Big Drum).

Here are the lyrics (click on the name to go to the link):

1) おおきなくりのきのしたで

2) おおきなたいこ

Click here for a video

For older children, I found a game for learning bigger/smaller at んじゃ!JP here.

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