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31 Jan


Our family made the oni omen (ogre mask) above to celebrate Setsubun on Thursday. Click here for a B&W version, or here for a blue version. (Can I say again that I LOVE KF Studio?)

Nurieyasan (ぬりえやさん)has oni coloring pages here and here.

NAVER matome (NAVERまとめ)has oni coloring pages here and here.

See my post about SETSUBUN for even more resources!

I’ve already shared this video before, but it’s appropriate for this post :). It is an anpanpan(あんぱんまん) episode where baikinman (ばいきんまん) sings “Oni no Pants” (おにのパンツ)or, “The Ogre’s Underwear.” It is a popular children’s song in Japan… almost all little kids know it!

Here are some lyrics from and my translation (thank you to the reader who pointed out that it is slightly different from the Baikinman version):

鬼のパンツは いいパンツ

(Ogre undies are good undies)

つよいぞ つよいぞ

(They’re strong/durable?, they’re strong)

トラの毛皮で できている

(They’re made of tiger skin)

つよいぞ つよいぞ

5年はいても やぶれない

(They won’t tear even if you wear them for 5 years)

つよいぞ つよいぞ

10年はいても やぶれない

(They won’t tear even after you wear them for 10 years)

つよいぞ つよいぞ

はこう はこう 鬼のパンツ

(Let’s wear them, let’s wear them, ogre’s underwear)

はこう はこう 鬼のパンツ

あなたも あなたも あなたも あなたも

(you and you and you and you)

みんなではこう 鬼のパンツ

(Let’s all wear ogre’s underwear)


Hahaha. Silly song, I know. Catchy though- it’s hard to get out of my head!

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