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Hiragana iPhone App

4 Feb

My two-year old daughter LOVES to use my iTouch to play games. I love that I can whip it out at doctor’s offices, at the airport, etc where I need to keep her quietly entertained.

We have “Feed Me! (Japanese)” which is a free app that reinforces basic concepts like counting and colors, in Japanese. I think it is a great game for Elementary-aged children. (Be warned… it will take up a lot of space on your iPod)

There’s also “Kids Flashcards- Japanese” which is 99 cents and I haven’t tried yet.

What I REALLY want is this app: ひらがな なぞり by STX Games. It is the #1 Educational Kids App in the Japanese iTunes store. It is 450 yen and you can practice writing hiragana in the correct stroke order. Unfortunately, it is not available for purchase to (most of) us Americans, because you need a Japanese credit card to purchase apps.

HOWEVER, I have heard that you can purchase music from iTunes Japan IF you can somehow get a hold of an iTunes Japan gift card. Does anyone know if these gift cards can be used to purchase apps as well? If so, I may have to ask some relatives in Japan to buy me some iTunes gift cards…

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