Feelings in Japanese

17 Feb

I want to teach my children how to express their feelings in Japanese. My daughter will begin attending a Japanese School soon, so I want her to be able to communicate what she is feeling to others. I don’t have any books that teach what I want her to know, so I decided to make my own book! I used images from The Droplet Project, added words, then got them made into a bound booklet using Snapfish.com. The project only cost me about $5, including shipping!

(All of these images are from the Droplet Project, with permission)

1) I am sorry. ごめんなさい。Gomennasai.





2) I am scared. こわい。Kowai.





3) I am sad. かなしい。Kanashii.





4) I am hungry. おなかすきました。Onaka sukimashita.





5) I am happy. うれしい。Ureshii.





6) I am confused. わかりません。Wakarimasen.





7) I am angry. おこっています。Okotteimasu.





Are there any other emotions that you think a preschooler should know how to say?

2 Responses to “Feelings in Japanese”

  1. Faye May 24, 2011 at 3:57 PM #

    Hi, I am a toddler’s mom and would like to make some books for my son. I like the feeling book you made. My question is how you had it print on snapfish. I know we can have a photobook done by this site. However, I am not sure if this site can print photos with words arranged like you did.

    My another questions is about learning Japanese. I want to start to teach my son Japanese. However, my native language is Chinese and I do not speak Japanese at all. I wonder if you can recommend some educational DVDs which start with single words so that my son can follow. I am not sure if you know the program “Your baby can read.” My son loves this program and learned to read several English words from the program. I am wondering if you know any Japanese programs are like that.

    I like your blog. Keep up your good work!!


    • Hiragana Mama May 24, 2011 at 4:05 PM #

      I used Photoshop to make blank 4×6 images first. Then I added the pictures and words I wanted to that image. Then I saved and uploaded those images into Snapfish. I am sure there are other ways, but that is how I did it.

      I had someone else ask me the same question about DVDs recently. I’ll work on compiling a post about DVDs I recommend, in the near future. I have seen the commercials for “Your Baby Can Read”. I don’t know of any Japanese DVDs like that.

      Good luck! Your son is lucky he gets to be trilingual (?)!

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