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く:くだもの Fruit

21 Feb

Just thinking about the sweet, juicy, delicious fruit in Japan is enough to make me want to splurge on a plane ticket over there! Seriously, why is it that fruit over there seems to taste so much better? The peaches (もも) in Japan are to die for… *drool*!! And I have yet to find melons, pears, or persimmons that taste nearly as good in the United States. And don’t even get me started on their juices. YUM.

I am going to teach my kids the names of fruits in Japanese this week. Want to join along? Here are some resources I’ve found:

1) “5 A Day” is a program in Japan that strives to educate children about the importance of eating fruits and veggies. They have a page of printable activities that includes a matching game, BINGO, and guessing game.

2) FRUIT COLORING PAGES can be found from sakunet here, here, here, and here. A coloring page from 子育て・ことば育て here.

3) And you might as well teach your toddler/preschooler how to count while you’re at it. Counting with fruit worksheets from Leeのきょうざいかん here, here, and here.

4) Online fruit matching game at NIFTY.

5) And if you can somehow get a hold of a copy… this is a great picture book about fruit: くだもの (福音館の幼児絵本).

6) Japanese-English translations of fruit here (from English Walk) and here (from 英語好き集まれ!).

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