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ひなまつり、おめでとう!Happy Hinamatsuri!

3 Mar

sozai no puchi-chi

Today is Hinamatsuri/Girls’ Day! How did you celebrate? We ate ichigo daifuku and sushi, looked at my friends’ hina nigyou display, and made hina ningyou out of origami (shown below). I hope my little girl will grow up to be healthy and marry a nice man someday (that’s the hope behind displaying the hina ningyou)! Don’t forget to check out my hinamatsuri post for TONS of things to do!

Additional Hinamatsuri links I found today:

1) Cute, cute hinamatsuri card to print and color at KF Studio.

2) has printable activities perfect for spring (including hinamatsuri, graduation, a calendar, and kisekae).

3) GREAT in-depth article about the symbolism behind Hinamatsuri and Hinamatsuri food at The Japan Times Online written by Makiko of

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