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8 Mar

my daughter's attempt at く

く is a great first hiragana kana to teach your toddler, along with へ、り、and い!My daughter’s name happens to begin with く so we’ll be practicing this kana a lot 🙂

Here are some worksheets/coloring pages:

1) くつ(shoes) from ぬりえランド

2) くま(bear) from ぬりえのもり

3) くらげ(jellyfish)、くるま(car)、くわがた(stag beetle)、くも(spider)、くじゃく(peacock) from ぬりえやさん

4) Hiragana practice sheet from 亜細亜茶房

森の熊さん(Mori no Kumasan) by RAG FAIR:

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