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Earthquake in Japan (じしん)

11 Mar

Today I’ll be thinking about my family and friends in Japan and Hawaii. I hope everyone is safe!!

All the phone lines have been down but my mom finally got through to her sister via email. Sounds like everyone in my family is ok. All the trains were shut down, so my 60+year old aunt walked home from work… one and a half hours! Others who don’t live that close to work are sleeping at their offices or waiting hours for a taxi. What a shock! I am having a hard time watching the news- it is so scary yet I can’t pull myself away from it. My heart goes out to everyone affected. My sister going to school in Hawaii is ok as well.

I hope all your families are ok too. I know some of you are planning trips to Japan soon… I  hope your travel plans won’t be affected too much. I wonder what the best way to help is?

Live from NHK:

Video clips at Ustream

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