please help Japan…

14 Mar

I don’t feel right posting anything on this blog that doesn’t have to do with the earthquake/tsunami right now. As the days go by, the death count, the sad stories, the magnitude of the devastation, increases. Many people seem to be staying strong, hopeful, and calm, but I am sure that in reality, everyone is feeling a myriad of intense emotions from sadness to fear.

I feel so helpless on the other side of the world. I get to live in my warm house, with food, water, loved ones, electricity… just watching these horrible events unfold on TV.

Please consider donating to the Red Cross or other similar agency.

And as my friends in Japan tell  me, they are going to need help for a long time, probably up to a year or more. They say, “Please don’t forget us.”

What do you think? どうおもう?

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