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こ:こいのぼり (koinobori)

21 Mar

Kodomonohi/Children’s Day isn’t until May, but my mind is already swirling with ideas! This is the first year that I get to celebrate こどものひ for real, because I now have a baby boy! I grew up with all sisters so this was a holiday that I never really celebrated growing up.

One of the major traditions on Children’s Day/Boy’s Day is to fly koinobori/carp windsocks.

Here are some cute ideas I’ve rounded up on the web so far that I want to try:

1) A special okosama lunch with cute koinobori and kabuto decorations from All About.

2) Make-it-yourself koinobori papercrafts here, here, here, here, here, here, and here! I don’t know which one to choose!

3) Cute koinobori bento idea from e-obento..
4) I want to teach my daughter the words to the koinobori song:

The Lyrics (and my translation):

やねよりたかい こいのぼり (koinobori, taller than the roof)
おおきいまごいは おとおさん (the big carp is daddy)
ちいさいひごいは こどもたち (the small carps are the children)
おもしろそうに およいでる (they are swimming happily)

And Nordstrom currently has this super-cute koinobori T-shirt (part of their Disney It’s a Small World series). I want it!

shirt from Nordstrom


21 Mar


– けWorksheets from here and here (click on the images for a PDF file)

– Coloring page/worksheet here (cake) from nurienomori

– More coloring pages(things that begin with け) here from nurieyasan

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