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23 Mar

I love this sweet little song, called “Kotori no Uta” (The Little Birds’ Song). With Spring just around the corner (I hope), I find myself singing this song throughout the day.

Here are the lyrics (and my translation):

小鳥(ことり)はとっても 歌(うた)がすき  (little birds love to sing)
(かあ)さん呼(よ)ぶのも 歌でよぶ (they even sing when calling their mother)
ピピピピピ (chirp, chirp, chirp…)
チチチチチ ピチクリピイ

Lyrics from here.  (If you click on the link, you can also listen to the melody)

Kotori/little bird coloring page here, from sakunet.

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