3 More Days Until Japanese Preschool!

6 Apr


We are REALLY lucky in that we live just 10 minutes away from our local Japanese Language School. My daughter will begin attending this Saturday! She just barely turned 3 so she will be the youngest student in her class. This is how the preschool is divided up:

年少さん/Nenshousan= 3 years old by April (the Japanese school year begins in April)

年中さん/Nenchusan= 4 years old

年長さん/Nenchousan= 5 years old

After that, they go to first grade. I am a little bit sad about having to give up our Saturday mornings (usually when we go do fun things together as a family) for school, but I am almost certain it will be worth it. I want to give my children as many opportunities as possible to experience the Japanese language and culture.

I am more nervous than my daughter for the school year to begin. My mind is filled with worries such as, “Will she be able to tell the teacher she needs to use the bathroom?”, “Will she be able to make friends?” and “Since she’s by far the youngest, will she be able to deal emotionally with problems that may arise?”.

There’s also other worries relating to the fact that even though I speak enough Japanese to get by, I am not a native speaker/listener/writer/reader. At all. Ever since we attended Orientation, my email inbox has been filled with emails chock-full of difficult kanji and vocabulary. I’ve been able to mostly figure out what is going on thanks to Furigana Injector and my mom ( I forward her the emails and she explains them to me). We’ve also been assigned to volunteer in the library. Hopefully that won’t be too hard for me or my very-non-Japanese-speaking husband. I think this will be a good growing experience for our entire family!

I’m also worried about silly things. Like, “What should I wear to the first day of school?”. From reading online, it seems most parents wear suits. I wonder if there are certain colors I should avoid. I’m planning to take my camera, but are there other things I should take? Do I need to take something for the teacher? I’m also worried about being able to learn all the other parents’ names. And if I can be polite enough… hopefully people will realize that I just don’t don’t know some things and be forgiving. I am just so glad I don’t have to worry about preparing a kawaii (cute) bento lunch every week!

ANYWAY. I am sure there is no need to worry. Everyone I’ve met so far has been really nice (especialy the principal/kochosensei) and I saw other non-Japanese parents at the school as well.  I know my daughter is SUPER EXCITED to begin attending school. I am sure she will love it.

I think I will read this online picture book about the first day of preschool this week with my daughter, from Shimajiro,co.jp.


2 Responses to “3 More Days Until Japanese Preschool!”

  1. Az April 6, 2011 at 10:06 PM #


    • Hiragana Mama April 7, 2011 at 7:57 AM #

      今年,よろしくお願いします!何かクラスルームで必要な物があったら教えてね :)

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