DVD’s I Recommend

27 May

Another reader question: “What DVD’s do you recommend for children/beginners?”. I am definitely no expert in this area, but here are some DVD’s I’ve seen and can vouch for:

1. げんきげんきノンタン series

Nontan is a mischievous, lovable toddler cat. He and his friends have lots of adventures together. My 3-year old LOVES these.

2. NHKおかあさんといっしょDVD’s

Of course these are great. They are full of music and dancing, and a great way to learn Japanese. I even have a good time watching this show.

3. となりのトトロ

These and other Studio Ghibli movies are great for both kids and adults.

4. アンパンマン

Anpanman DVD’s are full of short stories with fun characters that are easy to understand.

5. いないいないばあ〜!

These DVD’s are great for the toddler/preschooler crowd. They are very cute. NOT recommended for an adult beginner, as the content is definitely for little kids!

6. ハローキティのマジカルあいうえお (Hello Kitty’s Magical あいうえお)

The music in this DVD can get annoying but little kids love it, and my toddler learned all the hiragana kana by watching this DVD a few times.

Here is a preview:

Just a reminder: Not all DVD’s from Japan will play in American DVD Players because they are locked by region. If you have a tech-savvy friend or spouse, you can probably figure out how to watch them.


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