More Japanese Apps for Kids!

12 Jul

A few months ago, I mentioned the App “Hiragana Nazori/ひらがななぞり” and lamented the fact that it was only available through iTunes Japan. Well… it’s now available to us in the United States! It is called “Japanese Tracing: Hiragana” by STX Games. And I think it is worth every penny. My toddler loves tracing the hiragana and is motivated by the music that plays while she traces (the sounds make it easy to know when you’re writing correctly and incorrectly).  For each kana, you can listen to the pronunciation and watch an animation of the stroke order (you can adjust the speed too). You can also select specific kana you want to work on (for example, I had my daughter practice writing her name over and over). I highly recommend it for both children AND adults learning to write hiragana! It works for iTouch, iPhone, and iPad. It is $3.99.

If you own an iPad, I am extremely jealous of you, because there are some cool-looking Japanese apps available now! Here is the one I am coveting the most at the moment because it is illustrated by Imoto Yoko- I LOVE her!

It is called “あいうえおのえほんfor iPad” or “Hiragana Picture Book for iPad“. It is one of the pricier apps at $9.99, but when you consider the beautiful illustrations and the fact that you can learn hiragana, katana, AND romaji with this one app… I would think that it is totally worth it. We own the book, and the book was $20! The same company also has a cute Karuta App!

Here are some more great apps for you lucky iPad owners:

1) Children’s Book with Stickers: Momotaro

2) Kanji Workbook for First Grade Student

3) Kanamoji

2 Responses to “More Japanese Apps for Kids!”

  1. Cherie J December 30, 2011 at 5:11 PM #

    I am now the owner of two of these apps in addition to the one that you were giving away… so sad I missed that! Anyway, I was asking my husband if the kids working on their Japanese on the iPad all the time was grounds for buying another one! They love the apps and so do we. I particularly love the Kanji workbook for first grade. In moving to Japan next month we’ve decided that we should send our kids to Japanese school so that they’d have a better opportunity to pick up the language. Knowing those 80 Kanji before give my oldest a chance to work on them now and helps my husband know how to help him (and his mother! :-D, I’m glad I live with a linguist when it comes to decoding this stuff!) Anyway, instead of just being a great resource and fun to peruse, your site is an absolutely lifeline to me now! I even said so on my blog… hopefully you’ll get some traffic from there and other homeschooler’s that have children interested in Japan and Japanese. Keep up the good work! I definitely benefit from it!

    • Hiragana Mama December 31, 2011 at 12:05 PM #

      thank you so much for all your kind words! your children are so lucky to be moving to Japan– immersion is definitely the best way to learn! good luck with the move 🙂

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