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Food I Want My Kids to Experience in Japan

31 Jan

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I am a list-maker. And I have been making a lot of lists in preparation for our trip to Japan. One little list is “Food I Want My Kids to Experience in Japan.” You will NOT find us eating at McDonald’s or KFC while we are there… no away! Japanese food and restaurants ONLY!

Food I Want My Kids to Experience in Japan

1) Okosama Lunch (お子様ランチ): This is the Japanese version of a “kid’s meal” and usually includes fried rice, ebi-fry (tempura), purin, etc. (Click HERE to see my version)

2) Sushi (すし): My kids currently LOVE ikura-sushi (salmon roe). I bet they would love a kaiten-sushi restaurant!

3) Taiyaki (たいやき): My daughter has a taiyaki-making toy set, but she’s never tasted a real taiyaki.

4) Takoyaki (たこやき): The frozen kinds don’t compare to the fresh, hot, crispy-on-the-outside takoyaki sold on the streets.

5) Choux-Cream (シュークリーム) : The Japanese make the best cream puffs.

6) Kasutera (カステラ) : Yummy spongy cake.

7) Melon Pan, An-pan, Cream Pan (メロンパン、アンパン、クリームパン): We’ll probably eat these for breakfast a lot.

8) Ramen (ラーメン): I want them to know the difference between real ramen and instant ramen.

9) Calpis drinks/other Japanese drinks (カルピス): They’re available in the U.S. but they’re really expensive here so I never buy them.

10) Mochi (もち): all kinds!

(Shinkansen sushi train at a kaiten-sushi/ 回転寿司 restaurant)

What should I add to my list? Am I missing anything major? I didn’t add curry, gyoza, etc because I know how to make those at home. What Japanese foods are you craving right now?

P.S. Are you afraid that there might be radiation in your food? How do we know what’s safe and not safe to eat in Japan?

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