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Hiragana Chart Giveaway

30 Apr

みなさま、おひさしぶり〜!We are back from a FABULOUS trip to Japan and (sadly) back to normal life. It was a whirlwind trip– we hit up Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, Hakone, and Yokohama in 2 weeks (I know, we are crazy). We saw lots of friends and family, ate tons of mouth-watering Japanese food, saw gorgeous sakura everywhere, and had the time of our lives. What I want to say to all of you out there is, “Don’t be afraid to go to Japan with young children. It is a blast, and worth the extra effort to take them there!” My daughter is already begging to go back. I’ll be sharing what we did with our children in Japan over the next few weeks.

I also want to thank my loyal readers out there who frequent my blog. Your insightful, kind comments always make my day. I know a lot of you out there are just like  me, trying really hard to teach your children Japanese. SO, I have a little giveaway this week. I am giving away a waterproof Hiragana Chart to one lucky reader. I will ship to anywhere in the world except for Japan (because if you live in Japan… you are already a lucky duck). All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment and answer one of the following questions:

1) Why are you passionate about learning Japanese/ teaching your children Japanese?

2) What is your favorite/ most useful post on Hiragana Mama?

The winner will be selected randomly and announced on Saturday, May 5th, which just happens to be Children’s Day! I will contact the winner to see where I can send the prize. Sorry it is such a little giveaway (I don’t make any $ on this blog)! But these charts are hard to come by in the States. My kids love practicing their hiragana while taking a bath with their chart. Here are some pictures I took of the Hiragana Chart I’ll be giving away:




I didn’t take the chart out of the package to take the photos. But we have a similar bath chart, so here you can see what it kind of looks like:

At 60 x 42.5cm, it is a pretty large chart. It just sticks to the wall of your bath with water. Good luck, and check back for posts about our trip to Japan 🙂 Thanks for reading, and please share with your friends!


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