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Things To Do In Japan With Kids: Use Public Transportation

1 May

I am sure many parents of little boys will agree: Boys LOVE vehicles of all kinds. My daughter thinks they are fun too, but my toddler son gets SUPER excited about anything with wheels that goes “vroom vroom!”. So as you can imagine, a trip to Japan made his eyes sparkle! We rode airplanes, lots of trains, shinkansen (bullet train), taxis, buses, a ferry, and some vehicles made just for kids at amusement parks.

Here’s my kids seeing a Japanese train for the first time:

And here’s their reaction every time a train whizzed by:

Their reaction is completely priceless (to me), and just seeing them enjoy the trains alone made the whole trip worth the effort.

We even braved the train during rush hour one day on the way to Disneyland. We were all squished up against one another and could barely breathe, which made for a memorable experience! (Note: strollers are not fun to have during rush hour!)

We really enjoyed riding the Shinkansen (thank you, JR Pass!). Unlike on an airplane, you are free to move around whenever you want, there’s lots of areas to explore, and there are yummy bento boxes for sale. And I can’t forget to mention that the scenery outside is fun to look at too! How awesome would it be to have Shinkansen’s in America! It would surely make traveling to see relatives or going on vacation a lot of more fun for kids.

My son loved the trains so much we made sure to buy him some goodies from the Sanrio Shinkansen line, including a bento box and accessories. We also got him a diecast shinkansen, which he loves to play with! (Click here for some free printable shinkansen papercrafts from Sanrio, and click here for a shinkansen coloring page perfect for Children’s Day!)


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