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し:しりとり Shiritori Game

27 Jun

We are having an awesome summer! Swimming, picking strawberries, playing with friends, soccer, trying new veggies from the CSA… each day seems to FLY by. I am sorry I have not been posting as frequently this month. I also apologize for being slow in replying to comments and emails. Our life is busy, busy, busy!

A game that my daughter and I enjoy playing is Shiritori. It is a very popular Japanese word game. What I love about this game is that almost anyone of any age and skill level can play this game, and it doesn’t require anything but your brain! It is a great way to learn/review vocabulary. We like to play this game while driving in the car.

This is the simple way to play the game:

1) One person begins by saying a Japanese word (usually a noun).

2) The next person has to say a word that begins with the last kana of the previous word.

3) Next person does the same as #2. You keep taking turns thinking of a word that begins with the last kana of the previus word.

4) Words cannot be used more than once.

5) If you say a word that ends with “ん”, you lose!

Here is an example:

たいや–>  やま–>  まくら–>  らいおん(oops, you lose!)

There are other variations to the game to make it harder. You can read more about Shiritori Rules HERE (wikipedia).

And HERE are some printable shiritori games (

You can watch a video of us playing Shiritori at the top of this post. My 4-year old is better at this game than I am! I challenge you to play this game with someone today :).

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