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くれよんのくろくん A Cute Story About a Black Crayon

8 Oct

One of my favorite things about my daughter attending Japanese School is that we have access to their library! I’m actually a library volunteer so I get to see all the new books and DVD’s as they come in. This week, one of the books we borrowed was called “くろくんとふしぎなともだち” (The title translates to “The Black Crayon and the Mysterious Friend”). Both my 2-year old son and 4-year old daughter were completely attentive as I read this book to them.

I think it is so appropriate for the black crayon to be the star of these stories! With the amount of drawing we do around here, we go through the color black very quickly. I think crayon companies should include at least 2 blacks in every box (Crayola, are you listening?)!

This book is actually just one of a few in the くろくん series by なかやみわ (Nakaya Miwa). We’ve read the original くれよんのくろくん and it was wonderful too. I highly recommend these books for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-aged children! Here is a YouTube video of gemstonerecordsjp reading it out loud :

What are you favorite children’s books lately? I would love some recommendations.

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