Ready Steady NihonGo!

1 Nov

Ready Steady NihonGo!” is another wonderful Japanese-learning/teaching resource by the Japan Society. The website provides ten 45-minute lesson plans for introducing children to the Japanese language and culture. The lessons are fun and interactive… it makes me want to be a Japanese Teacher! Each lesson includes printable flashcards and sample dialogue.

Here’s a description of this program from the Ready Steady NihonGo! website:

Ready Steady NihonGO! has been carefully structured to tie in with
the National Curriculum Objectives for KS2 Modern Foreign
Languages. These aims are all clearly stated in the initial summary
and also at the start of each lesson plan. Curriculum links to other
subject areas are also listed, thus making Ready Steady NihonGO!
a complete and relevant unit of work in any upper primary classroom.

Ready Steady NihonGO! also ties in with the latest ‘Oracy’,
‘Intercultural Understanding’ and ‘Knowledge about Language’
learning objectives as stated within the Key Stage Two Framework
for Modern Foreign Languages (autumn 2005). Points of particular
relevance include the following:

• providing children with the opportunity to imitate and play with the
sounds and sound patterns of the target language
• asking and answering questions on a range of topics
• learning about the cultural traditions, celebrations and literature of
countries where the target language is spoken and making
comparisons with their own
• recognising the language (Japanese) uses a different writing
system, has different ways of expressing social relationships and
borrows words from other languages

Targets discussed within the new ‘Languages Ladder’ can also be
applied to Ready Steady NihonGO! and any child who completes
the ten week course can be expected to show progress up the rungs.
Foundation stones in language awareness will also have been laid
and these will support any future study of Japanese.


If you are a parent teaching your children Japanese or a Japanese Teacher looking for a wonderful resource, please check out Ready Steady NihonGo! You’ll be glad you did!

5 Responses to “Ready Steady NihonGo!”

  1. Karen November 1, 2012 at 11:53 AM #

    This is really neat! I also liked the Dino Lingo. I really appreciate your pointing out these resources. I feel as I have been stalled in teaching the kids Japanese, and these give some great ideas!

  2. petitelumi November 6, 2012 at 12:11 AM #

    This looks great! It’s getting colder out and the daycare kids at my mom’s daycare are going to be inside more often. I have the hiragana no uta video you posted a long time ago on my phone, and a lot of them picked it up in just a few listens. Imagine what they could do going through a program like this! Maybe I can incorporate it.

    The age group I work with ranges from toddlers to preschoolers, and then Nila (the girl I nanny for I’ve mentioned before) and another school aged kid who’s interested in Japanese. It may produce varying results. The school aged boy is able to motivate himself to practice writing, but his little sister, a preschooler, picked up the song faster than him (I was surprised! I never intended for her to pick it up, just as something fun.) This is the great thing about varying ages, because everyone can learn from each other.

    • petitelumi November 6, 2012 at 12:17 AM #

      Oh, I thought this was connected with the “Go! Go! Nihongo!” videos in the post after, taught completely in Japanese. After examining the site more, perhaps this isn’t exactly the program for me to use with the kids. I’d prefer more something that uses the immersion method, rather than key context words like “itchi” for “ichi”. Oh well! I like creating my own lessons. Perhaps I will show them those videos or carry out the exercises on them on my own with the kids.

      Still a great resource, just not for me. Some of the resources, such as the flashcards, look like they could come in handy for me.


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