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“LinguPinguin Japanese” WINNERS!

27 Feb


The winners of the promo codes for the Lingu Pinguin Japanese app are lgmarch and Mayu!! Please tell me what your email address is so I can send you your promo codes (my email is hiraganamama at gmail dot com ). Congrats! Everyone else, you can download this great app for just $1.99 (my kids have been playing with it every day since we got it). They even have a free demo version you can download.

Winners were chosen randomly. We did it old-school style but putting everyone’s name in a bucket. Each of my kids drew one name 🙂 Winners must email me by Friday. Otherwise, alternative winners will be chosen. Thanks for participating! I’ll try to host more giveaways like this in the future, so be sure to not miss out by adding my blog to your Google Reader or subscribing to the email list. 

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