NIHONGO eな, a Portal for Learning Japanese

27 Jun

June always flies by in a blur for me! This June we visited family out-of-state, went camping, and had a big dance recital. It has been hard to keep up the Japanese since we haven’t been at home very much. I need to buckle down and がんばる(try really hard) to help my children hear and speak as much Japanese as possible the rest of our summer! Are you doing a good job speaking Japanese this summer?



Today I want to share with you the website “NIHONGO eな“. According to their site,

“Here on the website NIHONGO eな Portal for Learning Japanese our goal is to introduce – in a plain, straightforward way – various websites and online tools useful for studying Japanese. Also, by presenting ideas on how to make good use of the internet, we aim to provide support for learners from all over the world who are looking for fun ways to study.”

You can search for websites by category, such as “Reading”, “Speaking”, “Kana”, “Culture”, etc.

It is definitely worth a look!



P.S. The Japanese summer holiday, Tanabata/たなばた, is just right around the corner (July 7th)! Tanabata always sneaks up on me. I have blogged about ways to celebrate Tanabata with your children HERE and HERE! You can also see more ideas on my Tanabata Pinterest Board.

3 Responses to “NIHONGO eな, a Portal for Learning Japanese”

  1. Anya June 27, 2013 at 1:57 PM #

    Thanks for sharing this resource, looks very interesting!

    We are going to celebrate anabata this year as a part of our ongoing “learn about Japan” project. Do you know, by chance, if there is a book about Tanabata in English at all? I only found the story online, but I would love to read a book to kids as well. 🙂
    Maybe you know already, but I thought I’d share anyway, there is a free .pdf for a paper model for Tanabata here :

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