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Website: KC Lab Hands-On Project

10 Jan

I found a great Japanese website called “KC Lab Hands-On Project“, which is a part of “Kids Creative Lab.” The mission of this site is for children and parents to have fun playing and learning together.

There are printable activities for all age levels from pre-K through high school. These activities include mazes, hiragana practice, math, stories, etc.

Katakana Resources

29 Sep

It’s almost time for my daughter to start learning katakana (かたかな/カタカナ)! Here is a list of katakana resources for you (katakana charts, practice sheets, etc):

1. Kids @ Nifty


3. Another page from Kotoba.littlestar



6. Kantan-net

7. Happy Fu-Fu

8. Minnano-nihongo

9. KF Studio


11) アクリートくらぶ


Let me know if you find any resources you think are great!

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