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21 Mar

from putiya.com

– けWorksheets from jakka.jp here and here (click on the images for a PDF file)

– Coloring page/worksheet here (cake) from nurienomori

– More coloring pages(things that begin with け) here from nurieyasan


け:けんだま Kendama

9 Mar

from wikipedia

Kendama is a very traditional Japanese game that’s been around for many many years (similar to how a yo-yo is a classic game?). A kendama consists of the body which looks like a hammer, with a ball attached to it with string. The object of the game is to try and jerk the ball into the air and then catch it in different ways on the kendama, like so:

You can read more than you ever wanted to know about kendama at these websites:

– Wikipedia (Japanese, English)


And you can purchase one at these places:

Japan Store


Ebay.com had some starting at 99 cents!

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