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Rainbow Origami Slinky!

13 May


I’ve made a lot of things out of origami in my lifetime, but I have never made something as fun as this! I was inspired by Kozue (of Kozue’s Show and Tell) to make a slinky out of origami paper (折り紙スリンキー). You guys, it is seriously so cool!




The instructions for this slinky are pretty simple (video at the end of this post). BUT you have to fold 50+ pieces of paper so it takes quite a bit of patience. It took me about 2 hours to complete my slinky (while watching a movie with the kids), and mine used 64 pieces of origami. My 5-year old daughter attempted to help me, but she did not have the patience to make more than one ;). This would be a great little project for a child in elementary school, or really, anyone for the matter. It would be the perfect activity for an airplane flight, or a great cure for summer boredom.



One piece of advice I have is to tape all the pieces together as you go (using just a little bit of tape). If you’re going to put a lot of effort into something, you don’t want it to fall apart right away! My kids have been playing a little rough with this slinky so I am very glad I reinforced it with tape.



Another thing: I actually didn’t use “real” origami paper. I used paper from a Memo Cube (mine is from Staples)! If you go this route, make sure the paper you get is not sticky on the backside. My daughter’s favorite color is “rainbow”, so she was thrilled with this slinky!

Sorry I went a bit overboard with the number of photos in this post… I had too much fun taking the pictures!


Here is the how-to video by the creator of the origami slinky, Jo Nakashima!

What is the coolest thing you have ever made with origami?

P.S. “Slinky” in Japanese is “Slinky/スリンキー” or “Rainbow Spring/レインボースプリング”. 



8 Jun

Practice writing す HERE at 子育て・ことば育て.

Sneakers/スニーカー coloring page/maze HERE.

Suzume/すずめ(sparrow) coloring page HERE.


Have you heard of the Japanese Fable “舌切り雀” (shita-kiri-suzume/the tongue-cut sparrow)? If not, you can watch HERE. Or read the story in English HERE.

すいかわり/Splitting a Watermelon

24 May

from asahi-net.or.jp

I thinkすいかわり(スイカ割り)would be an awesome summer tradition to start. In Japan, it seems that it’s often done on a beach, but I imagine it would also be fun at a backyard BBQ or park. You can read about rules for suikawari here (from mitinoku.or.jp). Basically,

1. Lay a watermelon on a towel or tarp (if you are worried about the mess)

2. Blindfold a person and give them a sturdy stick (a baseball bat might work too)

3. The blindfolded person places the stick on the ground and his forehead on top of the stick and spins around 5 times.

4. Everyone else yells “right! left! forward! backward!” etc to help the person get close to the watermelon.

5. The person gets one shot to break the watermelon in half.

This video will give you a good idea of how it’s done:

You can also play a virtual game of suikawari here (from family.shogakukan.co.jp).

Wouldn’t this game also be fun at birthday parties (instead of using a pinata?).

It would also be a GREAT way to practice giving directions in Japanese. Here are the basic words you need to know:

Right= Migi(みぎ)

Left= Hidari(ひだり)

Forward= Mae(まえ)

Backward= Ushiro(うしろ)

Straight= Massugu(まっすぐ)

Let me know if you try this out! Have fun!

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