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20 Oct

に is for にんじん (carrot)、にじ (rainbow)、and にんじゃ(ninja)!

onigiri ninja's by Jo of A Bit of This and a Bit of That

What do you know about ninja’s? Me? Not much. I think they wear black outfits that only show their eyes, throw shuriken’s, and sneak around at night. I read about ninja’s on Wikipedia, and it seems that the ninja’s that the world knows is mostly based on folklore.

Folklore or not, kids LOVE ninja’s! Okaasan to issho /おかあさんといっしょ (a popular children’s program) has some really fun songs about ninja’s. Unfortunately, NHK us super-strict about their copyright laws so I can’t show you the original on my blog. You can watch some super-adorable kids dancing to ”しゅりけんにんじゃ” though:

HERE are the lyrics. The other ninja song on おかあさんといっしょ is ”しのびあし”. If you search for it on YouTube, you might get lucky and see how fun it is! My daughter and I love to sneak around the house with “Shinobiashi (Quiet Ninja Feet)”.

This summer, a movie about little ninja’s called Nintama Rantaro came out. Did any of you watch it? It is based off of this cartoon. Here’s the trailer:

I would love to watch it! I wonder if it will become available for viewing in the U.S?

Here are some ninja activities you can do at home:

1. Make an origami ninja.

2. Make a shuriken (that’s the pointy stars that ninja’s throw) out of origami. Watch a how-to video HERE.

3. Play a ninja game online.


Is anyone’s kid going to be a ninja for Halloween?

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