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27 Jun

Ekakiuta/えかきうた (Drawing Song) is just that… a song that teaches you how to draw something! These are so fun for kids.

Here is a YouTube Ekakiuta that teaches how to draw a Tako-san/たこさん:

Here’s what my 3-year old drew after watching it:

This website, geocities.jp/ekakisong, has a lot more ekaki songs if you are interested in doing more!

I think the original (or at least, most recognized) Ekakiuta is Henohenomoheji/へのへのもへじ:

It’s so popular, you can even buy a T-shirt or make an onigiri with henohenomoheji!

Wouldn’t it be fun (and great review game) to make up your own illustrations using hiragana? Maybe you could even make your own unique picture using the kana in your name! Let me know if you tried it!

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