Here are some other websites that you may want to check out!

Japanese For Adults/The Advanced Learner

1) NHK World- Learn Japanese in English

2) TextFugu- this may be the best online “textbook” for learning Japanese (at least that’s what I hear)

3) learn all about Japan

4) Web Japan- learn about Japanese trends, sports, culture, etc.

5) Japan Blog Directory- go here to browse more Japan-related blogs

6) Japan Blog List- another directory of Japan-related blogs

7) Maggie Sensei- learn Japanese from a dog!

8) Lang-8 – a free social language learning website. “Provides you with native speakers to support your language learning”

Great Websites for Children Learning ENGLISH

1) – possibly the best website for young children  learning the alphabet and how to read

2) PBS Kids- Games and activities with SuperWhy, Dinosaur Train, Curious George, etc.

3) Nick Jr- Games and activities with Dora, Kai-Lan, etc.

4) Scholastic- Lessons and resources for teachers and students

5) Family Fun- a Disney website with printables, recipes, crafts, and more

6) Fun School- Fun activities for preschool and elementary-aged children

7) National Geographic- learn about animals and science with fun activities

8 ) Playhouse Disney- watch free episodes of Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, etc.

9) Leapfrog- My daughter loves using their Tag Jr. and watching the DVD The Letter Factory to learn her ABC’s

10) Parents: Best Children’s Books- a list of best children’s books

11) Oprah’s List- Oprah’s list of best children’s books

Other Japanese for Kids Blogs:

Let me know if you know of any!

2 Responses to “Links”

  1. Little Japan Mama January 18, 2012 at 5:38 AM #

    Thanks for all these great links! I think they will be useful for my son ♡

  2. Mike November 26, 2012 at 6:43 PM #

    Nice set of links. You can have to many when learning a new language :)

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